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  • 02/24 - Colloquium - Daman gave a talk at the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE), ASU.  

  • 01/24 - Publication - New research published in Nature Astronomy where Daman, along with Nicole Nie (MIT), Bidong Zhang (UCLA), Andre Izidoro (Rice University), and Paul Asimow (Caltech), use iron meteorite data to show that the earliest planetesimals in the inner solar system formed beyond the water snowline.  

  • 01/24 - Workshop - Daman and Varun attended the 2nd FORCE Winter Workshop at ASU.

  • 01/24 - New Member - Varun Manilal from NISER, Bhubaneshwar (India) has joined the CosmoGeo Lab. Welcome!

  • 01/24 - Foundation - Daman started as an Assistant Professor (and PI of the CosmoGeo Lab) at Arizona State University (ASU). 

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