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CosmoGeo Lab


The CosmoGeo Lab is actively looking for bright and creative individuals at all academic levels - graduate and undergraduate students, as well as postdoctoral scholars. While funding situation may vary, there are always options to explore. Our research encompasses a broad and interdisciplinary spectrum, focusing on problems rooted in cosmochemistry, elemental and isotopic geochemistry, igneous petrology, meteoritics, astrophysics, and planetary and exoplanetary science. To address this diverse array of scientific inquiries, our group employs an extensive array of high-pressure and high-temperature equipment, combined with cutting-edge analytical methodologies. Those interested in joining the group can reach out to Daman at

Graduate Students

Since the CosmoGeo Lab is affiliated to both, the School of Molecular Sciences (SMS) and the School of Earth and Space Science Exploration (SESE), interested graduate students can apply to apply to either of the graduate school programs. Click here for general information about the graduate program at SMS. Click here for general information about the graduate program at SESE.


The fall application deadline for both programs is December 1. Please reach out to Daman at before applying for either of the graduate programs.


Postdoctoral Scholars

There are several internally and externally funded postdoctoral fellowships which the interested postdocs can consider for collaborative proposal submissions. 



Current ASU undergraduate students interested in joining the group are welcome to contact Daman at Interested students must have some background in fundamental chemistry, geology, or mathematics.

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